About Us

Hoozinc Art and Design Studio was founded in 2014 on the premise that art is a powerful storytelling medium and also in response to the massive demand for artwork provided as a service. 
Today we are market leaders in art-oriented marketing methods for brands belonging to various fields. Over the years Graffiti by Hoozinc has become the professional creative partner for Hyderabad’s best brands in F&B, Housing, Corporates, Health-care and Fitness. Our shareable installations and murals excite the consumer and enhance the shareability of a message or space and continue to delight consumers across social channels.

Our clients turn to us for innovative approaches to target, reach, and engage generations at a scale starting in the real world and extending online. We quickly conceptualise and professionally execute the most innovative and artistic experiences. We constantly strive to provide a unique and novel aspect to every project we call ours. The Graffiti by Hoozinc team has extensive experience in brand & communication strategy and artist management & curation.  We’re a professional team with the capability to co-create, conceptualise, develop, produce & manage any art oriented project.  

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Who We Are

The Duo Chandni and Nikhil go by the name HOOZINC. In 2014, they started proposing art as a service to Bars, Restaurants, Offices etc.


Our work is visually compelling and connects with people instantly.  We allow you to foster that engagement and extend the reach of your ambience by creating shareable photo & video content. We love working with our clients to demonstrate the potential of our medium to connect with hard to reach audiences. 

Graffiti By Hoozinc can hand paint anything, anywhere. Sometimes our clients are clear with their designs and concepts and  Sometimes they  task us with developing original mural concepts and execute  as per the decided timelines. We do it all. We will work with you to design a space that meets your specific needs. For more on how we work

How We Work

Partners In Crime


We are often called on by Ad / Branding agencies and architecture / interior firms to bring something unique to their space. We work on conceptualisation along with them to allow a connect between everything that goes into amplifying the ambience and experience of the project.

The Founders

Chandni Mathur


Nikhil Kapur

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